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DataGrillen 2023

After letting the dust from this year’s event settle and giving it enough thought, we have decided, that we will not be hosting an in-person event in 2023.


  • No DataGrillen 2023
  • Grillen 2024 will probably happen in another city
  • Events for new and diverse speakers will still happen


A couple of reasons.

Some things at DataGrillen 2022 were more exhausting than expected and due to a lot of other things on our plates, we don’t feel that we can deliver an event that is up to our standards and goals next year.

We have plans for major changes (spoiler alert: the next DataGrillen will probably happen in another city but we’ll be back in Lingen for the next Kivelingsfest). Those changes are more time consuming (finding a new venue, vendors etc.) than simply running an event using our current infrastructure – so we also want to focus on that.

We will keep you posted on our plans for the 2024 event once we have shareable news.

Are you giving up on new speakers and diversity?


We are strongly comitted to supporting, encouraging and embracing new speakers – so we will be hosting New Stars of Data as well as Dativerse in 2023 as we did in the past years.

If you can think of anything else that we can do to support these groups, let us know and we’ll do our best to make it happen!

Also: Did you register for the next New Stars of Data and Dativerse, both happening this October?

We hope to see you all online in October as well as at our 2024 events, in person at other events and back in full glory at DataGrillen 2024!

If you have more questions, feel free to reach out!

William & Ben

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