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We’re trying something new… An in-person conference for speakers – that is virtual for attendees.

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How does it work?

All speakers come together in the same place, will present after each other (60 Minutes + 15 Minute breaks / 6 Sessions per Day) and will then have a fun get-together.
Attendees will watch the sessions from their office or home through Teams.

Given, that the concept will mainly attract local-ish speakers, we plan to run this event around the world over the next years.


We see a lot of people struggling with getting back to in-person events.

We see a lot of speakers struggling presenting for virtual group due to no interaction with others.

We’re trying to cater to both groups.

What’s the first event?

The first event will run in CET timezone on December 7th 2023 from Nuernberg, Germany.

How can I attend the event?

We will post the event on our meetup page soon.

How can I speak at the event?

The Call for Speakers is over. Take a look at the session schedule below

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Here is our session schedule for the first Data Left Unattended:

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