Event Guidelines

DataGrillen (and all associated events) is, at its heart, a relaxed event aimed at providing a welcoming atmosphere to all attendees and speakers.

As with any international event with attendees from across the globe, there will inevitably be cultural and language barriers. This should be in everyone’s mind when (not if) any uncertain situation arises. The event organisers believe that anyone involved in our events is coming from a place of good intention and any negative behaviour is not the original desire.

However, we also wish to make absolutely clear that negative behaviour will not be accepted or tolerated at all.

As a guide, we have a few points that anyone wishing to take part in our events must be aware of and agree to adhere to:

  • We are all adults in a modern society. Please behave as such.
  • Everybody attending our events is to be treated equally (without exception).
  • If someone behaves inappropriately, please inform a member of the DataGrillen Team immediately (it will
    be dealt with discretely and in confidence)
  • If you think your behaviour may be misunderstood in a negative manner, it’s probably best to avoid that
    behaviour to begin with.
  • This is our event. If we see fit to remove someone, we will. If you are asked to leave, you will.

This should cover all bases, but if in doubt, we want you to follow the teachings of Bill S. Preston Esq. and Ted
“Theodore” Logan (Bill & Ted): Be excellent to each other!

Also, if you are presenting at one of our events:
We expect all content to be either yours or its origin being made clear. In the latter case, we assume you have the owner’s permission.¬†



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