COVID Guidelines and Measures

We will be following local COVID Safety Guidelines (Lower Saxony / Emsland) which may change all the way up to the event.


We have decided that we will require all attendees and speakers:

  • to be fully vaccinated (vaccine status check at the entrance)
  • to wear masks inside the building at all times
  • to have an up-to-date negative COVID test
  • IMPORTANT: If you want to test on site, our COVID test station requires a form – see below!
  • Once you have received your negative test result on day 1, please proceed to registration immediately so we can check your paperwork and issue your badge and wristband

We have also limited the number of available tickets to 50% of those in previous years.

What does that mean specifically?

Note: These rules will not be relaxed.


You will wear a mask (surgical, FFP2, KN95, N95 or equivalent) at the entire event.

Masks can be taken off:

  • While presenting (Speakers)
  • For the consumption of food or drinks
  • Outside

Vaccination Status

We require all attendees to be fully vaccinated and boostered. We will accept the following combinations:

2 Doses of an EU approved vaccine + 3rd Booster Shot

2 Doses of an EU approved vaccine + documented infection (recovery certificate)

2 Doses of an EU approved vaccine where the second dose wasn’t administered before March 1st 2022

We will check your vaccination documention at the entrance together with a government issues photo ID. Your DataGrillen registration must be under the same name. Once we’ve checked that vaccination docs, photo ID and registration match, we will hand you your badge which must be worn visibly during the event.

If there is a discrepancy, we reserve the right to refuse admission.

Up to Date Test

To enter the event, you will need to provide a test certificate on both days for which we will hand you a wristband.

We will accept either PCR Tests (taken at most 48 hours before entering the event) or a Rapid Flow Test (taken at most 24 hours before entering the event).

To make things easier (that’s what we do), we will arrange a mobile test station on the parking lot of the venue, which will be available (Schedule is subject to slight changes):

Wednesday 16:30-18:30 (Speakers ONLY!)

Thursday 07:30-09:00 (for attendees and speakers that missed the speaker dinner)

Thursday 16:30-18:30 (primarily for Speakers)

Friday 07:30-09:00

Please show up on time to allow everyone to get tested and checked in – if you show up late, you may not be able to be tested at the venue and need to seek alternative arrangements.

Tests will be free of charge.

IMPORTANT: If you want to use the test station provided, they require you to fill out a form. While you can do that on site, we highly recommend you to bring the form and fill it out in advance.

You will need two forms – one for each day.

The form can be found here:


Do I really need a vaccination and a test?


I am exempt from wearing a mask. Will I still have to wear a mask at your event?


Can I just test myself at home and bring the test?


I have an official test certificate from a pharmacy/another official test station that meets the requirements. Will I be admitted? Will I still need to bring the two copies of the form?

Yes, you will be admitted.

No, you won’t need the form. You will however need to bring the test certificates (digital or printed).

I am not happy with these rules. I don’t want to attend anymore. What should I do?

PLEASE cancel your ticket so we can release people from the waiting list. A No-Show may result in not receiving a ticket for future events.

I am working for a sponsor and do not plan to attend any sessions. Do these rules still apply to me?


I am a SPEAKER and booster shots are not available in my country yet.

Please email us at

I will arrive outside of testing hours. What do I need to do?

You need to get your test from another test center. We do NOT allow self-tests and we do not make ANY exceptions to the “test required” rule.

Do all these rules apply to Speakers and their family as well?


Do these rules apply for the Speaker dinner as well?


I did not register in advance, can I still attend?

No. Every attendee, even those that are just joining for the BBQ, will need to be signed up and are required to adhere to the event rules and wear both, their wristband as well as their badge visible at all times.

I took a PCR test on Wednesday, June 1st after 09:00 AM. Will that be valid for the entire event?


I recently tested positive, can I still attend?


  • Your first positive test must be older than 5 days (26.5. or before!)
  • You must not have any symptoms for at least 48 hours (no symptoms after 31.5. 00:00)
  • You must test negative

How do I fill in the form? What do I need to check?

More Questions?

Please email us at

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